Millitary Uniforms For Hire or Sale.

Nelsons Trafalgar coat, Admirals undress coat. (212)

Based on Nelsons undress coat, like he was wearing on that sad day, of October 21st 1805. Our repro's of this coat don't have the bullet hole in the shoulder though!. This coat is made from Repro cloth, repro gilt buttons, and repro orders (the medals stitched on the coat, which are hand embroidered using 2WM gold, and 90% silver metal threads etc.), metal braid to the cuff. The facings are stitched down by hand, and the braid is applied by hand, as is the finishing of the coat done by hand. A lovely collectors piece, if your not going to wear one, I'm sure there are many of you collectors who would love to have one of these items to display. Please contact us to discuss any options, or questions you may have.  

Neck and Chest measurement (using tape measure):
Waist measurement (using tape measure):
Hieght and nape to waist measurements (please contact us for any help re:measures:
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