2019 Jane Austen Grand Regency Ball and Supper, Assembly rooms Bath, tickets now on sale!!!

2019 Jane Austen Grand Regency Ball and supper, Assembly rooms Bath. Sunday September 22nd 7.00pm-12pm (026)

Please note when buying mutliples of tickets you need to hit the update button on the checkout page before proceeding and after selecting the qty of tickets you require.

Please note the ticket this year includes the afternoon dance workshop/practice, which is betweend 3pm and 4pm this time and the venue are to be confirmed but will be ASAP.  

Sunday September 22nd 2019. Assembly Rooms Bath. 7pm till midnight.  Dance workshop 3pm till 4pm (to be confirmed) at the Assembly Rooms (venue also to be confirmed). This is the first time, and possibly the only time the ball has been held on a Sunday, so we hope to see you all there, to have some fun on a Sunday night!

After the huge success of the 2018 ball, we are delighted to bring this event to you again in 2019. This will be the 16th annual ball we at Farthingale have brought to you, and we very much look forward to seeing all of our regulars again, and welcoming along all of you newcomers, the sight of a couple of hundred people dancing the night away in Regency costume is quite a sight to behold.

As usual dress code is Regency so everyone will need appropriate costume. You will enjoy a delicious Regency supper, dancing of the era, card games and generally have lots of Regency fun!  As anyone who has attended this ball, in previous years will vouch, there is nothing quite like seeing everyone in the glorious clothes of this era in such a beautiful setting and venue.

Please remember to contact us if you would like costume to either hire or buy for this major event for your yearly diary.

If you have any questions regarding the Ball, etc., then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to supply you with the information you require.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time at the 2019 Grand Regency Ball and Supper.

There will Regency Dancing in the main room, for which we have an expert caller, who will talk you through the dances as they happen. You may partake of Regency card games (In the card room) authentic to the era, a typical form of entertainment for so many in Jane Austen''s day. There will be a bar for all to purchase refreshment of their choice. The supper is truly magnificent and has been enjoyed very much by all the attendees of the past events.  It is served authentically, as a hot buffet, and the tables are called in turn to be served with food and then return to the splendid round tables to dine.  The menu is based on original Regency recipes so you can get a real taste for the flavours of Jane''s hey day. As mentioned before the event is Regency costume dress code so please contact us at Farthingale if you require costume to purchase or hire.

Thank you again for your time and we look forward to meeting you at the Ball and dance workshop.

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