17th Century Stuart style Costumes for sale

Stuart style ladies costume (Charles the 1st's Reign). An example (004)

This is an example of the sort of gowns that we can produce for this era of costume and the description for this particular gown, a lovely reproduction quality Stuart style gown within the date range of  about 1630 to 1649. It consists of a boned bodice top and over skirt from silk dupion and  is decorated with cotton lace and has 3 layers of petticoat to sit underneath it, (as they would around this time). A truly lovely item and a 1 off remember. Please click on the image to see more pics. Feel free to contact us with any questions on producing items like this, and the sort of timescale required.

Description of this particualr gown:

This is a lovely reproduction quality gown, it consists of a boned bodice top an overskirt and petticoats. It is based on the sort of dresses worn at the time of Charles the 1st's reign and is most likely in the style of gowns in the date range of 1630ish-1649, with the typical lace decoration and falling type collar and fairly high waisted band to tie at the front in a rosette. This gown is made entirely from silk dupion, decorated with cotton lace, there are two petticoats made from lining fabric, and one from a cotton callico, which gives the authentic full skirted apearance. there are 8 pelum atatched to the bottom of the boned bodice each decorated with lace. Above the lace cuff there is a tie made from the same fabric as the dress so that the sleeve may be pulled in to fit the wearers arm this in turn opens up the slash sleeve exposing the cream silk dupion under sleeve (same fabric as the waist sash). The lace at the back is also of the same fabric as the dress to ensure continuity, the eyelets are of  black metal.


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