Here is a small selection of our hire stock. Please contact us for anything else you may be looking for, or enquire about our make to hire service as well.

Hussar uniform (trooper) (hire hussar)

Here you again have the oppertunity of hiring a lovely uniform from us here at Farthingale. It is a Trooper of the hussars, Suitable light dragoons, and light cavalry of various units (for instance the napoleonic/ Regency, 10th hussars, the Prince of wales own) . Comes as usual with our hires, with shirt, stock, trousers, costume boots, and of course the jacket and also a sash. Seen here is only the jacket of course, but the hire price quaoted is for the full set, and for the duration of aprox 4day hire. Please contact us for availability and any concerns on sizing. This jacket is suitable for sizes aprox 38-42, and for average sortt of hieght.

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