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Light Cavalry, Hussar waistcoats (Hussargillet)

Glorious style of waistcoat as worn by Hussar's, some light cavalry units, and some other officers of armies of most countries, during the napoleonic wars. And also suitable for later Hussar's uniforms, eg Chrimean war, like the 1854 11th Hussar on our site here. Please note that the price stated here is for the evel of comlexity/ amount of braid work and embroidery as seen on this waistcoat, however this style of waistcoat in simpler styles, can be made for as little as £150 please contact us to discuss the options though.  

This particular waistcoat is made from a scarlet cloth and the frogs, and embroidery etc, is all done by hand, as is usual with our hussar uniforms. Both pockets are functioning, and of good enough size to take money, pocket watch etc. This particular one was made to go with the 10th Hussar Dolman as pictured on this website, and thus the lining and back panel matches the lining of that particualr jacket, usually a plain colour would be used to match the colour of the wool. The design of embroidery etc is based on some modern illustrations I have interpreting items worn by British officers, and upon reference I have to an original Brunswick Lieb-Batallion waistcoat.   

Cloth colour:
Braid and button colour:
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