Millitary Uniforms For Hire or Sale.

Napoleonic RN Midshipmans Coats (midship)

This is just one of several styles of midshipmans uniform that we can make for you, we suggest that you give us an idea of the date your re-enacting/ interpreting, and perhaps style if you know it, and we can make sure we produce the best style for your needs. For instance, we can make this for you as a cut away tail coat, or a coatie even. Made from good quality wool, lined with white linen, and using a generic naval button. Please note that repro cloth and buttons and also even more authentic construction methods if required or prefered can be used for you, again simply ask when ordering, or enquiring. The jacket is all hand finished within this price anyway though so still very much looks the part, it has a pleat or box pleat to the back of the coat, and the essential white turnback patch at the collar for this rank this can be finished with either a blue button hole as shown, or white if prefered.  

Georgian Midshipman's coat, if this isn't the exact style of midhsipman your after, please feel free to contact me and I can make any style you prefer.

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