Millitary Uniforms For Hire or Sale.

Adam Ant Jacket. British 1854 11th Hussar. Chrimean war Dolman (01Adamantrepro)

As pictured, these Dolmans are based on the 1854 11th hussars uniforms, this was the style of Jackets as worn by Adam Ant. These Dolmans are made to customers size, and specification, so they should be made from dark blue cloth, with gold braid, to represent the 11th hussars, but I have made these in numerous colours of wool and braid, and different linings etc, all based on client requirements, so the pictures really are only as a guide to what can be done. Of course these changes can have an effect on costing, but we are happy to discuss this all with you. Please contact us for further info.

Neck, Chest, waist, under arm to wrist measurements and height:
Cloth colour:
Braid colours:
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