Millitary Uniforms For Hire or Sale.

Red Coats, an example, 1812 west India regiment (Napoleonicinf1)

This is a generic cost for this style of red coat, obviously at this era there were lots of variations around the theme, depending on regiments etc, this particular jacket is based on the west india regiment. The lacing on the jacket is stitched by hand, and the jacket is hand finished, and the lacing finishes before the centre front seam, as I have noticed is correct on jackets of this date, rather than the laces being set into the front sea, which is the easier option with regard to making these. Made from good quality scarlet cloth, lined with unbleached cotton, and using pewter buttons. Please note that we can make less or more accurate reproductions of regiment jackets, and it is recommended that you contact us for further info.

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