Tudor and Elizabethan Batheaston

Tudor and Elizabethan Batheaston

We all love getting together with friends and family. And we all love a party. Sometimes we feel like we need an excuse to get together such as a wedding or anniversary. Really though, all we need is a theme. With a theme, you have the perfect excuse to organise an even worthy of Batheaston. Fancy dress parties are always great fun. The excitement builds for months and weeks as the official invitations go out, everyone is buying costumes and getting involved in the spirit of the occasion as well as the organisational arrangements. Hiring musicians or a DJ, deciding what food to have served and what dancing style will be encouraged will all add to the anticipation in your mind and your guests.

One idea is to hold a Regency ball at a venue in Batheaston. You could have Tudor and Elizabethan styles of dress. The music can be in the classical Tudor and Elizabethan tastes. Learning and teaching the dances of the day will be another fun event for all the helpers. The most exciting thing about the whole party will be arranging your costume which should look authentic Tudor and Elizabethan. Batheaston won’t know what has hit it. It will have been transported back to its Tudor and Elizabethan roots.

Imagine your Batheaston attendees getting their invitation through the post in the calling card style of the time. They will be filled with surprise and expectation for the once in a lifetime event. There is nothing like hosting an event like this. It is filled with character and wonder. If your guests love period dramas from the Tudor and Elizabethan times, they are going to have one of the best nights of their life. They will feel like they are in the middle of a period novel. Batheaston will be forgotten, and bygone days will feel like the reality for the evening. What a spectacular gift you will have given to all your friends and family. What a memory you have created for your loved ones.

As your costume will be high on your list of priorities, you will be wanting to find a shop that makes costumes fit for a ball in the times of Tudor and Elizabethan England. Is there a shop that creates dresses and suits that are genuine Tudor and Elizabethan? Batheaston is home to a company that have been making Tudor and Elizabethan costumes for over thirty years. They have an excellent reputation in the Batheaston community and are even used for TV. Farthingale provides the best costume styles of Tudor and Elizabethan England, Batheaston has to offer.

Holding a ball that features music, dress, food and dancing from Tudor and Elizabethan times is an exciting project. Don’t wait for a reason to have a party, now you have a theme which means people have a reason to celebrate and get excited. Batheaston is home to Farthingale who supply costumes from the Tudor and Elizabethan days. All that is left to do is give them a ring.

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