18th Century Georgian Costumes Bathampton

18th Century Georgian Costumes Bathampton
When it comes to buying 18th Century Georgian costumes, Bathampton customers will be pleased to know that we supply all the historical outfits that you need. We are confident that there is no better choice in or near Bathampton for high quality 18th Century Georgian costumes. We supply clothing and accessories for all types of special events, theatrical productions, historical societies, schools and parties. All the accessories we supply are made with great care and attention to accurate detail, so that you can have the peace of mind that you are buying or renting the best choice clothing.
Although we stock many types of historical clothing, like medieval and Tudor outfits, 18th Century Georgian costumes are one of our very popular collections. Bathampton customers often choose 18th Century Georgian costumes for use at social events or theatrical productions. Georgian Britain was such an important part of British history. It is also a period that is famous and well-known because of being the context of classic novels and film adaptations of works by authors like Mary Shelley and Jane Austen. To recreate the look of this period of British history, you should choose the best 18th Century Georgian costumes Bathampton has to offer.
What are 18th Century Georgian costumes? These are clothing designs which recreate the styles common during the reigns of the four King George’s in the 18th and early 19th centuries. George I came to the throne in 1714, after the death of Anne, Queen of Great Britain, who had been his second cousin. George was Anne’s closest surviving Protestant relative, and additionally he was seen as the best solution for resolving political fighting in Parliament. George I was the first in a line of monarchs called George who held the throne until 1830. In addition to these four men, historians also tend to include William IV as part of Georgian England. He reigned until 1837, and this neatly covers the period until the start of the Victorian era.
Georgian England was the period in which many significant changes happened in British history. This was the era in which the Industrial Revolution began and changed the face of Britain and the world. This time also was the epoch of the development of the British Empire into a world power, as well as the loss of the American colonies in the American War of Independence. It was also a period of political upheaval, where the modern democratic nation made its first steps towards modernity.
As well as historical events of great importance, 18th Century Georgian costumes are used by Bathampton customers to recreate an age of great artistic creativity and culture. It was in Georgian Britain that famous works of literature like Pride and Prejudice were written, as were great masterpieces of Romantic poetry and artwork.
Whatever the event or occasion that you are planning, let us help you to find the right outfits and items of clothing. If you are seeking 18th Century Georgian costumes to create this period in British history, you will not find a better supplier in Bathampton than Farthingale Costumes.

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