Tudor and Elizabethan Costumes Atherstone

For historically accurate reproduction Tudor and Elizabethan costumes, many Atherstone based film and TV companies and those from across the country often call on the experience and skills of Farthingale Costumes. Our products include coats, headgear, footwear, gloves, and a wide range of other garments based on these eras, and also many other periods of history since. The photographs on our website show only a small selection of the items we have available for sale or hire, so please do get in touch to discuss your needs.

The Tudor period was a time of a lot of change in British history, with religious reform, social upheaval, and the beginnings of a whole new British identity, which would shape the nation over the following centuries. Coming out of the Middle Ages, there were radical changes in the lives of monarchs and ordinary people alike, with a lot of conflicts, until the reign of James VI and I. This period foreshadowed the development which would result in the formation of the United Kingdom. In this time when change was dominated by larger-than-life public figures, it is no surprise that fashion and uniforms were just as heavily influenced by what the aristocracy and other important society figures were wearing. The Tudor and Elizabethan costumes Atherstone residents would have worn were part of a time of great changes.

Our services are popular with production companies, but it isn’t just them who can benefit from visiting Farthingale Costumes. No one can say how many Tudor and Elizabethan costumes have appeared on theatre stages around Atherstone over the years, but for a production to really grab attention, an authentic and great quality wardrobe for the whole cast is essential. We have provided theatre costumes for venues in London and internationally and the extensive research that we put into our costumes and our attention to detail have earned us a fantastic reputation among the dramatic community.

Other institutions that have made use of our products include museums and stately homes. When places like this have access to genuine antique Tudor and Elizabethan costumes Atherstone curators prefer to display them as pieces and exhibits in their own right, often enclosing them in display cases to protect them from light, dust and curious hands. Many of the most compelling displays in museums and historical buildings are the mock-ups which include dummies or actors, portraying the people of the age. The costumes used for these purposes need to be accurate enough to be part of the informational experience, but also need to be sturdy and able to withstand a lot of wear. By recreating these historical costumes, we are proud to add to the experience of the thousands who visit the various locations where our work is in use every year.

If they like our Tudor and Elizabethan costumes, Atherstone customers can even commission or hire them for parties and other special occasions. If you like the look of these outfits, get in touch with our team and let us know what you need.

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