18th Century Georgian costumes. Regency was within the Georgian era, so take a look on our Regency page as well.

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  • This Gorgeous Georgian style ballgown is made from cream silk dupion, pre-embroidered silk dupion and very authentic looking cotton lace. It has a matching choker lovely 3 layered cuffs and a boned panier frame to go underneath the underskirt and an overskirt joined into the boned bodice. This gown would be ideal for a Georgian themed wedding. Please click more info for sizing info and more detailed pictures for this gown. Please note that this gown has been reduced from £1500, but has since been used for displays etc hence the huge reduction, it is still in beautiful condition, but obviously must now be reduced.


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  • The style of coat in the picture is suitable for coats from the 1780's-90's, and even as a morning coat for the Regency era. this particular one has no cuff, and a rectangular style pocket. Please note that this style can easily be changed to suit different parts of the Georgian era, for instance we can make it with a scalloped pocket, and turnback style cuffs to represent the 1770's, and with the same changes, but with no collar, this style can also be used to represent the 1760's, so basically just let us know what your after, and we'll make it to suit basically. Seen here in a brown wool, but these can of course be made in fancy silks etc, again just contact us to discuss any preferences.

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  • Here we have a beautiful pair of hand embroidered Georgian pockets, embroidered in this country by Farthingale. These were worn by ladies under the skirts of their dresses. This particular pair are ready to go as seen in the pics, the base fabric is an unbleached 100% cotton, and is emboidered in all silk threads. Please enquire for further info, or if you'd like to commision a pair to be specialy made.

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