Historical Girls Costume Bossington

Historical Girls Costume Bossington
Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to travel back in time? At Farthingale, we can make that a reality, not with a time machine, but with an amazing collection of historical costumes you are sure to love. Perhaps you grew up enjoying history books or you love to relax with the latest period drama. Or maybe you’re considering a historical novel as your next party theme and imagined being one of the powerful female historical figures. Then why not try out the best historical girls costume Bossington has to offer? You will have loads of fun enacting famous history scenes dressed up as a girl straight from the pages of history.

Why choose your favourite period piece from Farthingale Costumes?
Farthingale is a family-operated business of experienced costume designers and makers. Established in 1988, we have created historical costumes that cover various centuries, as well as uniforms and pirate costumes. Here are a few reasons why you should come to us for the best historical girls' costume Bossington customers will love:

Experience: Thanks to our years of experience creating the best costumes, we pay attention to detail to ensure that each costume is high-quality and made to last. We also have experience supplying our costumes to museums, TV programs, re-enactors, and many collectors and private clients.

Collection: We make costumes of all styles, covering all eras. Aside from historical girls' costumes, you will also find various mediaeval costumes, pirate costumes, Victorian costumes, Regency costumes, 18th-century Georgian costumes, 17th-century Stuart costumes, Tudor Elizabethan and costumes for boys.

There is something for everyone: Regardless of your age, size, or gender, we've got you covered. Plus, you can use our costumes for any occasion you prefer. Whether you're thinking about participating in a theatre performance, drama, planning a retro party or attending any costume event, you'll find the costumes you need from us. Our costumes are bespoke and made to suit your physical features, so you don't have to worry about a costume being too big or too small.

The Grand Regency Ball: Our Grand Regency Ball is another reason you should buy your historical girls' costume from us. If you're looking for a good excuse to dress up in your favourite historical character, you can consider being a part of our annual Regency ball event. Here you can join other guests in their costumes, have fun, and make lasting associations. We have held our ball events each year for several years, and each event has proven to be a huge success.

What we offer you
At Farthingale, we have an amazing collection of every historical girl's costume you can imagine. We serve you with a wide array of custom options that will cover you from head to toe and transport you into a vivid historical age. Here's what we offer you:

Hats and bonnets
Capes and cloaks
Shoes and boots
Wigs and poly heads
And a wide collection of vintage and retro items suitable for bringing your historical girl's costume to life.
Contact us today
So, are you looking for the best historical girls' costume? Why not get in touch with our team at Farthingale Costumes, and we'll get you dressed up. We are ready to help you achieve your costume needs.

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