Medieval Costumes Bossington

Medieval Costumes Bossington
Travel back in time to the medieval era with Farthingale Costumes. We have the skills and know-how to produce the best and most accurate mediaeval fashionable pieces, whether for a movie, stage play, party or other activities. Our costumes help you bring characters alive, allowing you to be anyone, from Leonardo da Vinci to Joan of Arc! You’re spoiled for choice with dozens of women’s and men’s costumes when you shop with us.
The best medieval costumes in Bossington
Since 1988, our team at Farthingale Costumes have worked with many customers, providing them with historically accurate medieval costumes. We stock the best medieval costumes Bossington has to offer.

We are dedicated to researching and ensuring that you are dressed accurately and in stunning costumes that will surely be the centre of attention at your event. This has led to our years of experience providing costumes to museums, film sets and other collectors of historical pieces.

Our years of experience designing costumes from different periods mean one thing. That we know and understand what you want, there’s absolutely nothing we cannot do for you. While we have a wide range of medieval pieces in stock, we are open to working on special custom-made orders.

We are the best choice for all of Bossington’s medieval costume needs. We have to buy fabrics and accessories to meet your expectations. If it’s quality and accuracy, look no further than Farthingale.
Medieval fashion theme for your next event
Are you planning a themed event and unsure what genre to select? Then why not woo your guests by throwing a dashing medieval themed costume event. In that period, fashion tended to be more functional than decorative, with men and women wearing similar clothing.

Men and women wore long tunics, usually worn over another sleeved garment. They used brooches to tighten the materials, and some women wore head coverings. It wasn’t until the early 14th century that women’s gowns became more fitted, with lower necklines and other accessories.

Social status played a very important role during the medieval period and was demonstrated in the style the people wore. Wealthier people had the luxury of wearing materials such as linen and silk, which were imported from Asia. Other fabrics such as velvet, satin, and damasks were brought back to England after the crusades.

The lower class typically wore outfits made with hard wool and rough linen. The middle class could afford to dye their garments and add a few accessories. Colours also played a crucial role, with red and purple reserved for royalty.

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At Farthingale Costumes, our medieval costume sale and hire collection has been expertly curated by our talented team. You won’t find such services anywhere else in the Bossington area. We are ready to help you every step of the way, whether you want to hire a costume or have the perfect medieval costume made especially for you.

Please book a consultation today by calling us on 07868 848580 or email us at: Our team is ready to assist you.

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