Tudor And Elizabethan Costumes Bossington

Tudor And Elizabethan Costumes Bossington

Are you looking for Tudor and Elizabethan costumes and props for a theatre stage performance or movie set? Farthingale stock great costumes pieces across multiple eras in British history so you’re sure to find everything you need. The Elizabethan era was a period of great innovation and development in England, also known as “The Golden Age.” This development was also reflected in the fashion of that time, with nobles wearing magnificent fabrics such as brocade, satin, velvets, and taffeta. These fabrics made their outfits bright and colourful. It is no surprise that the Tudor and Elizabethan style fascinates and inspires modern fashion trends. So, how can you get your hands on these stylish outfits?

Unfortunately, travelling back in time to the 16th century isn’t an option! So thankfully, Farthingale Costumes is here to meet your needs by providing you with the best Tudor and Elizabethan Costumes Bossington has! We have you covered for a themed party, movie, play, or any other reason. You can choose to rent or purchase your very own piece of Tudor fashion.
Why choose Farthingale Costumes?
We have been in the costuming business for over 30 years, supplying TV sets, museums, and private collectors with their costume requirements.

Our years of experience and diverse client base mean we know what it takes to create historically accurate styles for you. We are committed to serving the Bossington area with their Tudor and Elizabethan costumes for their events.

We also provide our customers with either rental or purchase options. Whatever service you choose, we have reasonable and affordable prices to give you value for your money.

We aim to ensure that all our customers are treated uniquely, therefore, we are ready to create customised dresses to your exact size. We are even prepared to set a dummy in your size to help you find the perfect Tudor and Elizabethan outfit.
Understanding Tudor and Elizabethan fashion
Tudor and Elizabethan fashion are best known for their intricate and ornate designs, especially during the reign of Elizabeth I, with the queen herself being an ardent follower of fashion. Naturally, her court would immediately follow suit.

The clothes worn showed how wealthy a person was, and the materials were made of fine linen, silk or wool, decorated with sparkling jewels.

The aristocratic women wore padded skirts held with loops, and the men wore white silk shirts with frills at the wrists and neck. Their shirts were also paired with doublets and tight-fit trousers.

On the other hand, commoners wore loose-fitting clothes made from woollen cloth and had limitations regarding which trimmings and colours they could wear.

Although these styles were quite similar, there were a few distinctions. Tudor fashion had wider sleeves, fewer ruffles, and a straighter waistline for women, whereas Elizabethan fashion was more striking, with more dramatic pointed waistlines and emphasised ruffles.
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If you’re a fan of Tudor and Elizabethan fashion, you’re in luck! At Farthingale Costumes, we are ready to provide you with the best historical costuming service for all your events. We ensure that our clothes are custom-made to fit and that you receive value for your money. So, why don’t you give us a ring today? You can contact us via telephone: 07868 848580 or send us an email: sales@farthingalecostumes.com.

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