Regency Naval Lieutenant tail coat

Regency Naval Lieutenant tail coat

Are you engaged in a production or project, be it professional or personal, that requires historical costumes of the highest quality and authenticity in appearance? If so, why not benefit from the experience and skills of Farthingale, a family run business of costumiers based in the beautiful city of Bath.

Medieval costumes, Tudor Elizabethan costumes, 17th century Stuart costumes, 18th century Georgian costumes, Regency costumes, Victorian costumes, pirate costumes and historical Tudor girls costumes are Just some of the ensembles that we are capable of creating.

For example, perhaps you are looking for a Regency naval Lieutenant tail coat for a particular project or production. No problem, just get in touch and we can discuss further on the specifics and details as to how we can produce this for you. If you have questions if you have ideas you would like to discuss if you need suggestions or advice then please feel free to get in touch with us. You may wish to take a look at our website where you will see examples of our costumes in our gallery and you will also find more information about who we are and what we do. We are able however to produce far more costumes than you will find on our website. These are an example of our work but they are not limited to what we can produce.

Whether you are looking for a Regency naval Lieutenant tail coat or any other kind of Regency costume or costume from another era then the team of costumiers at Farthingale will be up for the challenge! Far from a quick click and collect or run around the January sales clothing and fashion especially for the higher echelons of society back in the day certainly did take a lot of work to produce! Historical clothing and fashion is one way of constantly learning about the lifestyle and habits of generations gone by. To see how clothing and fashion adapted and evolved down through the ages is fascinating and an interesting reflection on life and society at the given time. Clothing and fashions have never changed or adapted so rapidly as they have done during the 20th century. Here at Farthingale, we are also able to produce beautiful and fun pieces of clothing resemblant of the twenties, thirties, forties and fifties fashion be it retro or vintage.

So, whether you are after a gorgeous 1920s flapper dress to Charleston the night away or something more formal and specific as a Regency naval Lieutenant tail coat - we will be able to produce it for you. Our costumes will help to ensure your project or production looks authentic and genuine and the quality and attention to detail are second to none. If the costume is for you to enjoy wearing for a particular event, then we are confident that whether it be a medieval costume, a pirate costume or a Regency naval Lieutenant tailcoat you will certainly look the part and have a great time!

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