Historical Girls Costume

Historical Girls Costume

Farthingale is a family run business of costumiers established in the year 1988. We make costumes from all eras including medieval costumes, Tudor Elizabethan, 17th century Stuart costumes, 18th century Georgian costumes, Regency costumes, Victorian costumes, pirate costumes and historical boys and historical girls costume. In addition, our historical costume products include capes and cloaks, hats and bonnets, wigs and poly heads, shoes and boots, masks and gloves with retro and vintage options.

You can literally pick an era and take a magical step back in time into the era of your choice. Our team of highly skilled costumiers are able to create and craft a costume according to your particular requests. For example, perhaps you are in need of a historical girls costume. Are you planning a party or planning to take part in a drama or theatre performance? Are you attending an event? At Farthingale we make and provide costumes including historical girls costume from all eras that we supply to museums, re-enactors and television companies as well as to private clients and collectors.

Why not take a look at our website where you will see more information about our handmade costumes from all eras including Tudor and Elizabethan costumes, medieval costumes, Georgian costumes, Regency costumes, Victorian costumes and historical girls costume. Please note however that our website showcases only a small percentage of the variety of costumes that we have available and that we can make. Our costumes can be bespoke made according to your particular needs and requests.

If you would love an excuse to dress up in historical costume then why not consider attending our annual Regency ball event. This hugely successful event has been held each year for many years in the beautiful historical city of bath. Details of the 2021 events that we enjoyed in September as well as details of the upcoming event to be held in 2022 can be found on our website. Should you wish to book tickets and are in need of hiring or buying historical Regency costume then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Whether you are looking for male or female historical Regency costume or historical girls costume we will be able to create the costume that you would love to wear for the occasion.

Perhaps you have grown up reading classic novels and have often thought about how wonderful and magical it would be to be able to transport yourself back in time. At Farthingale we can help to turn those dreams into a reality by creating the historical costumes and the events to enjoy wearing them at. Many who attend our annual Regency ball find it a breathtaking experience to gaze out across the ballroom and see such a grand venue filled with people laughing and dancing in genuine Regency attire.

If you are looking for bespoke made high quality crafted historical costume from any era including historical girls costume then please consider getting in touch with the team at Farthingale.

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