Victorian waistcoats

Victorian waistcoats

From 1837 until 1901 lived the much-famed Queen Victoria and her year of rule marked many discoveries and inventions. It was during the rule of Queen Victoria that Britain expanded its rule becoming the most powerful as well as the richest and the largest empire throughout history. Indeed, Queen Victoria was even Empress of India. Of course, much of this domination by the British Empire brought with it harsh treatment and this caused much tension until many of the countries at one time dominated by Britain gained back their independence.

The Victorian era also saw huge growth and we can thank this era for inventions that we could hardly live without today such as the telephone, the car, the bicycle and a moving film which transformed lifestyles. Queen Victoria believed very strongly that everybody, young and old, rich and poor should be educated and so by the end of Queen Victoria’s reign going to school was compulsory for all children. Many people during the Victorian era were unable to read but by the end of the Victorian era more and more children could read and could become immersed in the wonders of literature. Famous stories such as The Jungle Book became much loved adventure stories from the Victorian era.

Do you have a fascination for this unique time period in history which saw both much injustice as well as much invention and growth? Are you planning to be involved in a production or event centred around the Victorian period? If so, you may be in need of Victorian costume such as Victorian dresses or Victorian waistcoats. Farthingale are a family run business of professional costumiers who have been established since 1988 and we are located in the beautiful city of Bath in England. We are able to create costumes from any era in history including the fascinating and hugely rich period of the Victorians. From Victorian hats to dresses to corsets to Victorian waistcoats we can create a Victorian costume that looks as if it has stepped straight out of the 1800s. Victorians lived in an age before television and loved nothing more than to be entertained by theatre and live music. If you feel like dressing up for a night out of theatrical entertainment then why not consider wearing genuine Victorian costume like a Victorian dress or for children, a Victorian children’s outfit including Victorian waistcoats.

If you have questions with regards to the kinds of costumes, we are able to produce including any questions with regards to the Victorian period then please feel free to get in touch with us where we will be able to give you much more information on our work. You will find details of our location in Bath as well as more information on who we are and what we do and our contact details on our website. We look forward to hearing from you and to working with you to create genuine costumes from the era of your choice such as a Victorian costume including pieces like Victorian dresses and Victorian waistcoats.

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