18th Century Georgian Costumes Bath

Are you looking to add a touch of 18th-century glamour to your wardrobe? Maybe you have a fabulous party to dress up for. Georgian costumes are being reenacted into fashion today! Let us discuss how the history of an authentic Georgian looks.

Understanding The History
During the 18th century, women wore a dress known as the bathing dress. This type of clothing was specifically designed for women to wear when taking a bath. The bathing dress helped keep women covered and modest while in the water. Although these dresses were to cover modestly mostly, they were for a show as 18th-century aristocrats would entertain guests while taking a bath. The baths were often tedious as water had to be warmed and carried in buckets before cooling the room.
Baths in the 18th century were not just a social event, but women would also use the bath to treat medical issues. Many different baths could be taken depending on the ailment being treated. Some popular baths included the hip bath, sitz bath, and footbath. The popularity of bathing helped spur the growth of the spa industry.
Today we often take baths for granted, but in the 18th century, it was a grand event that afforded women to show their wealth and status.

Different Styles
Several different types of bathing dresses were popular during the Georgian era. Some of the most popular styles included the robe à l'anglaise the robe à la française. For example, the robe à la française was a dress that featured full skirts and several petticoats.
The 18th-century bathing gowns were worn by women who wanted to keep themselves covered in public bathhouses. This type of clothing often reached down towards the ankles and had long sleeves. The bathing gowns also featured a high neckline to help keep women modest while in the water.

Jane Austin Influence On 18th Century Georgian Style Today
One of the primary sources of inspiration for the 18th-century Georgian style was Jane Austen. Costumes in this period were based on the outfits worn by characters in her novels. As a result, women's fashion became much more elaborate, with a focus on intricate details and luxurious fabrics.
The bathing dress was one particularly iconic piece of 18th century Georgian Costumes bath style. It was designed to be worn in public baths and at the beach, a popular tourist destination during this period.
The bathing dress consisted of a long gown made from white cotton or linen that reached the ankles. A large hood was also included, which helped protect the wearer from the sun and keep them warm. The dress was fastened at the front with buttons or ties and featured a long flowing skirt that would billow in the wind.
18th-century Georgian women often accessorised their bathing dresses with sandals, hats, and parasols. The dresses were often decorated with lace, embroidery, and ribbons and were very stylish and elegant garments.
18th-century Georgian costumes are still popular among historical reenactors and costume enthusiasts. They provide a beautiful and unique way to dress up for special occasions or events.

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