Tudor and Elizabethan costumes

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  • If you can't see what it is you are looking for then please don't panic, simply contact us with what you are looking for and we will see if we can make it up for you and give you an idea of pricing dependent on your specification. Please click on the picture to the right so that you can zoom in on the image, and I hope you enjoy browsing the site. 
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  • Both of these outfits are available to hire (for exhibition purposes only) please contact us for further info.
    Here are a couple more of our wonderful examples, seen here are a couple of reproductions based on the portraits of Queen Elizabeth 1st from her phoenix portrait, and the red gown is from a very famous portrait of Princess Elizabeth. Please click on the image to zoom in and read more about these wonderful reproductions. All items here can be purchased from us at Farthingale.
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  • This is a lovely style of gown suitable for middle and upper class, consist of an over gown with over skirt and sleeve attached, the sleeve has fullness at the top and then tapers to fitted sleeve at the base. The gown laces up the back for versatility on size and a perfect fit. Also come with an underskirt and a bum roll. P&P included please contact us for postage elsewhere. Click on the image for more photo's, close up etc. Don't forget to complete the info below when ordering.
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  • Made to your size and in your choice of colour and fabric, please contact us to discuss or simply fill in the boxes below when ordering. The dress consists of a sleeved bodice (laces up the back) with attached over-skirt, and seperate underskirt. The sleeves of the bodice are braided on the outer edge and each inside edge of the over-skirt is braided. This style has a cotton cuff frill attached to the sleeve end and is hand black-worked. The dress in the picture was made to represent Katherine Howard and is available to hire, please go to our costume hire page for more info. If you require Farthingale please let us know aprox cost 195pounds, Also hat/ French hood aprox 75pounds. P&P included. Please click on the photo for more info and pictures close ups etc. 
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  • Based on the famous portrait of this lady who gave us one of our greatest Queens. This is made as a reproduction garment and is heavily embellished with different styles as the dresses of this time were. Made from black cotton velvet, it has false sleeves made from an organza with a beautiful brown flock design on it, the same fabric is used for the separate underskirt. It has fur drop sleeve ends (your choice of, used real fur, or fake fur) which is lined luxuriously with a gold silk. There is a braid at the neck edge which is black worked By HAND! and is further decorated with metal beads and imitation pearls. This price is for the dress if you require a Farthingale simply let us know, approximate cost 195pounds, likewise with the hat simply let us know aprox cost 75pounds, corsets also available.. P&P included within the UK. Please click on the photo for more images and further info. Please fill in the measurements in the box below when ordering.
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  • Based on the unusual style of dress as worn by the Tudor Queen Anne of Cleeves. It has many recognisable feature of the dress of this time but many not so as well.  Made from a beautiful cotton velvet and heavily decorated with gold braid, the overdress consists of an underbust bodice, with drop sleeve almost Medieval in style, and an over skirt open at the front (like most of the gown of this date). This gown has an underdress known as a kirtle, which is seen above the over bodice, and forms the undersleeve and underskirt, this garment is seperate from the over dress as it should be. If you would like a Farthingale to go with this simply contact us approx cost 195pounds, also headwear approx 100pounds. we can supply all accessories jewelery etc simply contact us for further info. P&P included within the UK please contact us for postage costs to elsewhere. click on the photo for more images and further info.
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  • Based on the famous portrait of this Queen, a beautiful gown which we are pleased to be able to produce so closely for you. Made from plain or embroidered velvet (depending on availability) heavily decorated with gold and black braid this is a partly closed style of gown, so fastens up the front with a hook and eye fastening to the neck and most of the way down the front of the skirt as well, unlike the other gowns for sale on this page it fastens high and has a standing collar, the bodice has sleeves and over skirt atached. the briad is further ornamented with beads at certain points. Also comprises a cottons shift with hand embroidered white work on the collar (this rests inside of the over dress, and hand embroidered red work on the cuffs, also consists of an underskirt. If you would like a Farthingale to go with this gown please contact us approx cost 195pounds. likewise for hats jewelry etc simply contact us for further info. P&P included within the UK please contact us for postage elsewhere. Click on the image for more photo's and info. 
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  • This is a reproduction gown using correct construction methods etc. The first layer to go on with this gown is a shift made from pure cotton much like the shirts of the day but longer, then there is a Farthingale and bum roll, The Farthingale is made from a cotton calico and uses cane hoops as is authentic to this date, the bum roll is also made of cotton calico and padded with cotton wool to give it it's fullness and shape. Over the top of this goes a kirtle, which is a sleeveles dress which is boned to constitute the corset, and decorated with ouches (jewels) at the neckline, this piece is also the underskirt. then is the main part of the gown which is made from cotton velvet, this comprises the sleeve and over skirt, the bodice fastens at the front and has boned forebodies, which are pinned to the dress. and then there are false sleeves that attach to the velvet over sleeve. This gown is made as the gowns of this date were hence the price, but do remeber this is for the complete dress with the underwear also. Please contact us if you would like the hat to go with this approx cost 100pounds. P&P included in price please contact us for postage elsewhere. Click on the photo for more images and more info.
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  • This beautiful one off Elizabethan ladies gown is brand new. Made from English silk damask with a gold thread pattern woven in, and has a hand embroidered stomacher on satin. The collar and cuffs are pleated 100%linen, and the underskirt from a beautiful gold damask. In a size 14, but please feel free to send us your measurements if you would like us to check and compare for you. Comes with Farthingale, so a bargain at the price really. Anything like this can be commisioned simply contact us for any further info. P&P included within the UK, please contact us for prices any where else in the world.

  • This is a lovely little bag in true Tudor style, Made from pure silk, with lavishly hand embroidered front in the elizabethan style, based on original reference to Elizabethan embroidery, these are truely gorgeous bags and perfect heirloom pieces.

  • Beautiful repro of the sort of clothing Henry Tudor himself would have worn, We have tried to keep the garments as accurate as possible within this price and therefore this one outfit consists of split hoes, (so sort of a stocking and knee breech set up) shirt, doublet, skirted jerkin, over gown, hat and of course the all important cod piece. Please be sure to enter the style of fabrics you would like the under and over garments to be made from when ordering. The unders on this outfit are made from taffeta''s and the over gown is made from a beautiful heavy cotton velvet. Please contact us for further info on this garment. P&P included within the uk but please contact us for postage anywhere else in the world.

  • These are true family heirlooms, and works of art in themselves. They are hand embroidered by hand and take many tens of hours per bag, so although this may seem alot of money to some, its really not, well under the minimum wage, but each one a labour of love, and made entirely by us here at Farthingale by hand, not China or anywhere abroad,but right here by us in the city of Bath England. These are made to order so please e-mail us when ordering with all your specifics, each bag has 5 petals which are embroidered and open out to reveal pockets where sewing acoutrements can be put, again all of which are embroidered, and the centre of the bag is of a good volume and fastens shut with a drawstring and a bead that can hold yet more goodies, scissors, threads etc, whatever you want. Of course these can be used for any purpose not just sewing. P&P included within the UK but we will send anywhere so simply contact us for info on postage etc.
  • A really great deal on pretty much all you need to enact a Tudor man, either worn by itself for working class, or can easily be dressed up with a gown over the top. This set comprises an un-bleached cotton shirt, a front lacing doublet with full length sleeves, and fitted, above the knee, hose with basic fall front codpiece, which laces shut, and with a laced fly under it.


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