Tudor and Elizabethan costumes

Tudor and Elizabethan Costumes

People may be forgiven for assuming that trends and fashion led by celebrities and influencers is a modern concept. However, the true fact of the matter is that people have always been subject to following the fashions of the leaders and public figures of the times they live in. Kings and Queens often wore clothing to depict their status, their rulership and even chose clothing to make themselves appear unearthly, and unattainable. Regardless however, it wasn’t long before those very styles and trends were being worn across the nation.
A classic example of how the rulers of these times held an influence over the fashion choices of the general people, is that of Elizabeth’s makeup. In 1562, during the Elizabethan era, the Queen contracted smallpox that left her extremely scared. Recognising that her power of rulership lay in the belief amongst her people that the health and vigour of their queen was stronger than ever, she began to wear makeup to cover up the pox marks left behind by this potentially deadly disease. Over time, this white-faced look became popular and a mark of high fashion, so much so that the people began to wear the very same makeup, not to cover up blemishes left by illness and scaring, but because such an icon as the queen was wearing it, and they wanted to look like her.
Today there have been many re-enactments of the story of Elizabethan times, and the many beautiful and detailed costumes are as vivid as the characters. Farthingale costumes is a professional company providing costumes to museums, TV and film, and for any platform that requires an accurate depiction of the Tudor and Elizabethan times and fashions.
Tudor costumes can be found on our website based on the popular well-known gowns worn by the many queens of Henry the 8th. Taken from the famous portraits, known clearly as those of Katherine Howard, Anne of Cleves, Anne Boleyn and Katherine Parr, Farthingale costumes can provide you with outfits literally befitting a queen.
However, these famous figures from the Tudor times are just some of the costumes we can provide you with. Should you wish to purchase or hire Tudor or Elizabethan costumes to depict and reflect the general people of the times, Farthingale costumes take commissions and would be happy to provide professional and accurate costumes so you have everything you require in order to give an correct and precise portrayal of those time periods.
Whether you want costumes for men, women, children or royalty, we have been expertly providing costumes with true historical value since 1988. You can therefore trust us to provide the right costumes for the right setting that will add to the authenticity of your event, display or depiction.
Our website showcases just a small selection of the costumes we are able to provide for you and your venture. Simply browse our website, or contact us to discuss your needs and requirements, and we would be happy to help you further.

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