Medieval costumes

Medieval Costumes

Medieval Costumes
When we watch a film, see a re-enactment, go to a museum or watch a historical documentary, we benefit and enjoy everything that goes into it. Every prop, every set and every one of the costumes all add up to provide us with a well-rounded view and idea of what life was like during the time the program is about, and a scene is set in.
People appreciate this aspect of historical reference so much so, that they are often willing to travel and gather from all over, to see exhibitions of clothing from eras all down the centuries. The work and detail that goes into using the correct materials, the correct cut and finishing’s on all of the items of clothing worn by actors, placed on dummies used to depict a scene in a museum or stately home, all add to the overall experience and value of the visit.
Farthingale are a company that pride themselves not only on having the craftmanship and expertise available to recreate such garments of clothing from all different ages, but the knowledge to create an accurate depiction of such items.
Our website contains just some examples of the sort of costumes we can provide, from medieval times to Victorian times, and even pirate costumes.
Medieval costumes are based on the clothing typically worn from the 5th century, after England rose from the withdrawal of the mighty roman empire in 600, right up until around 1485. The word medieval comes from the word medium, which is takes from the fact that this time period is also known as ‘the middle ages’. This age was a time period of change and uncertainty for many. New beliefs were replacing ancient customs and rites, and even industrial advancements were being made.
The production of metal was on the increase during medieval times, and as a result was being used as an effective form of armour. Chain mail was used to make vests for knights and soldiers, and it was used to make headdresses known as coifs. These coifs worn alongside other chain mail garments weighed a lot, but was a small price to pay when faced with the attack of an enemy’s arrow or spear.
Even chain mail worn in medieval times used a set pattern to create these items, and took a lot of effort to make. At Farthingale Costumes, we work hard to make sure our medieval costumes are accurate and correctly depict the time zone they are set for. We recognise that our costumes are equally important in the retelling of history, as are all the books and documentaries in bringing these time periods back to life.
Should you wish to own or hire one or more of our historical medieval costumes for a scene, a museum or even just for your own enjoyment contact us today. We also have a number of medieval costumes in stock and readily available on our website, but should you require something more specific that you cannot find with these pages, please do not hesitate to ask us.

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