2024 Jane Austen Grand Regency Ball 21st Sept Guildhall Bath

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    Please note: Tickets are 100% non refundable

    This years tickets all include the afternoon dance workshop/ practice place and time to be confirmed. 

    This is the special group price we are offering for group bookings of 10 people, for the 2024 Farthingale Grand Regency ball!! This will be the cheapest way to buy tickets for the ball, buying this way will save £100 on buying this many tickets individually. Any questions please ask.

    Please find further info for the ball on the individual ticket info as above.



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  • A DVD with great footage of ourJane Austen Grand Regency ball. ."A unique insight, thouroughly entertaining not only for Jane Austen fans" says the front cover of this great little DVD. Also with footage of us here at Farthingale producing costumes and being interviewed at our home based workshop, along with interviews of others associated with the world of Jane Austen and the Re-enacting of this wonderul and very much loved era that is Regency and late Georgian. P&P included within the UK, please contact us for postage anywhere else in the world.

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  • Farthingale's Jane Austen Lectures.

    Saturday 21st Sept 2024 9am-1pm

    We are very excited to add this new event to our calendar. On the morning of the same day as our Grand Regency ball, we are hosting a programme of lectures from three renowned experts on the topics of Regency and Empire style. 

    Cristina Barreto-Lancaster: To See And To Be Seen, Promenades, Opera & Parties, the Catwalk of the Regency Fashions.

    Ben Townsend: Does One Sashay in a Sash? British Military Dress as represented in Costuming.

    Martin Lancaster: Did They Really Wear That? What do we really know about Men’s Fashion?

    Cristina Barreto-Lancaster is the co-author of the highly regarded Napoleon and the Empire of Fashion 1795-1815, a curator of the Empire of Fashion exhibitions (Paris, Milan), and founder of the renowned Barreto-Lancaster collection of historical costume.

    Martin Lancaster has given talks in Europe, Canada and the USA, using a unique statistical approach to develop and deepen understanding of period men and women’s wear. He is the leader of one of the biggest re-enactment groups in Europe, the 9e Régiment d'Infanterie Légère, an event organiser, and has featured significantly in a number of historical movies & TV shows.

    Ben Townsend is the author of Fashioning Regulation, Regulating Fashion, a multi-volume investigation of the relationship between military and civilian fashion. He writes and lectures on these and related subjects and works as a historical advisor for tv and film.The ticket price is for all three lectures; each lecture will be an hour long, with a short break in between each session. For any further information please email, call, or contact us via social media. Tickets are non-refundable.

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