Here is a small selection of our hire stock. Please contact us for anything else you may be looking for, or enquire about our make to hire service as well.

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Here is a selection of Farthingales hire costumes.

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  • These outfits are great for any heroes, villians and sci-fi type parties the outfits are £75 each to hire and they come exactly as you see them, so the price includes boots, trousers, jacket, sashes, obe, sabre weapons etc everything needed to complete them .Please contact us for further details availability etc.

  • Womens Blue and Gold Regency Dress to Hire.

    Approixmate Size:

    Bust: 40"

    Under Bust: 37"

    Under Bust - Floor: 38.5"

    If you are interested these are only approximate sizes so we can set the dummy up to your size and find you the perfect dress.



  • Womens Blue Floral patterend dress Dress to Hire.

    Approixmate Size:

    Bust: 48"

    Under Bust: 46"

    Under Bust - Floor: 43"

    If you are interested these are only approximate sizes so we can set the dummy up to your size and find you the perfect dress.


  • Womens Blue Regency Dress.

    Cotton Broderie Anglais.

    Approximate Sizes:

    Bust: 38"

    Under Bust: 34"

    Under Bust - Floor: 47".

    These are Approximate sizes.

  • Womens Pale Blue Regency Dress with Gold and Pearl Edging.





    Approximate Sizes;

    Bust : 38"

    Under Bust: 36"

    Under Bust - Floor: 44"

    These are only approxiamte sizes.

  • This is a very pretty Georgian style ladies dress made form a floral printed cotton with cream ground. Please contact us for size info, and availability etc.

  • Medieval / Renaissance Ladies Silk Dress. with Chiffon Under Shift.


    Bust: 34"

    Under Bust 31"

    Under Bust - Floor: 46.5"

    These are approximate sizes.


  • Regency Womens White Regency Dress with Gold Edge.

    Approx Size:

    Bust: 34"

    Under Bust: 30"

    Under Bust - Floor: 30"

    These are just approx sizes.

  • Gold SIlk Regency Dress.

    Approx Sizes:

    Bust 44"

    Under Bust:42"

    Under Bust - Floor:41"

    These are Just approxiamte sizes. 

  • Womens Regency Dress.






    Green Silk with Embroidered Fleur De Lys pattern.

    Approximate Measurements:

    Bust- 34"

    UnderBust- 32"

    Under Bust - Floor - 41"

    These are only approxiamte measurements.

  • Here you again have the oppertunity of hiring a lovely uniform from us here at Farthingale. It is a Trooper of the hussars, Suitable light dragoons, and light cavalry of various units (for instance the napoleonic/ Regency, 10th hussars, the Prince of wales own) . Comes as usual with our hires, with shirt, stock, trousers, costume boots, and of course the jacket and also a sash. Seen here is only the jacket of course, but the hire price quaoted is for the full set, and for the duration of aprox 4day hire. Please contact us for availability and any concerns on sizing. This jacket is suitable for sizes aprox 38-42, and for average sortt of hieght.

  •  Beautiful red coat from this incredibly stylish era, hire cost comprises jacket, trouser, boot, shirt, stock and girdle, so everything you need to enact a cavalryman from this era. perfect for balls and evening functions, as well as promenades etc. This outfit is best suited to a 36-38 chest, and height of approx 5'5" to 5'8" and we'll need the rest of your sizes to put suitable unders together for you. Please contact us for sizing, availability, postage etc. 


    75pounds to hire. We have three of these 11th light dragoon style costumes in stock, contact us for sizings. (but the jackets are aprox 40-45chests) Based on the uniform of about 1812-1817. The soldiers where apparantly very annoyed when this uniform was issued as it looked so close to the French uniforms but it is of course British, and the Men feared they may get shot by their own side. Also contact us for size info but also availability postage etc.


  • Lovely gown made from a pink embroidered taffeta. With cream stomacher and underskirt. Laces up the back, thus giving it some adaptability re: sizing. Suitable for size apox 10-12 please contact us with your sizing if you'd like us to check this out for you, and also contact us for availability.

  • This is a lovely style of dress uniform as worn by a British General, strictly speaking it is best suited, because of number of button holes etc, to a field marshal, but this particular suit is a good representation of any of the British, General, ranks, rather than being a 100% accurate copy if you see what I mean? but as you can see from the pictures it is a fantastic looking coat, and the cost shown is to include, shirt, stock, waistcoat, legwear (which can be discussed at the time of ordering), and a pair of boots or shoes. Please contact us for sizing, availability, postage etc of this and any other hire item.

  • Here we have to hire a 95th Rifleman officer costume, made Famous of course by Sean Bean and his character Sharpe. we are really pleased to have this back in stock to be able to offer this for you to hire for lots of different occasions. The Picture here only shows the jacket/dolman, but the cost of £85 as advertised is the cost to hire a complete costume, for the duration of a long weekend hire, please contact us for further info, to check availability, and see what we can provide at the time you require t according to your measurements etc.

  • A great outfit based on the costume of a very famous vampire slayer and monster killer, gives you a great opurtunity to wear a quality costume to your next Halloween or movie party, or indeed any other costume occasion. Outfit consists of, Woolen Jumper, good quality leatherette waistcoat, with metal fastenings. Overcoat with shoulder cape (AKA Garrick, coachmans, great coat) made from the same material as waistcoat with metal buckle and belt fastenings down the front, and at the cuff. Boots, felt hat, Large metal cross and leather gloves. So all you need is a pair of dark trousers which are hardly seen anyway. Please contact us for availability etc.  

  •  Beautiful Victorian gown, made from a patterned pink taffeta. Boned bodice which laces up the back. This price is to hire, please contact us for availability and if you would like more info on sizing.

  • Victorian Ladies Champagne Gown made from Damask and Taffeta. Laces up at the back for a good fit.  Please contact us for availability and sizes.

  • Womens White Regency Dress.

    Approxiamte Sizes:

    Bust: 37" Under Bust: 35"

    Under Bust- Floor: 47"

    These are just Approximate sizes.


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