Millitary Uniforms For Hire or Sale.

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Adam Ant Jacket. British 1854 11th Hussar. Chrimean war Dolman
Chrimean war Hussar

Neck, Chest, waist, under arm to wrist measurements and height:
Cloth colour:
Braid colours:


Napoleonic/ Regency, 10th (Prince of Wales own) Hussar dolman/ jacket
10th hussar dolman


Napoleonic Rifleman officers jackets. 95th Rifles. Made to order.
Sharpe uniform


Napoleonic Naval captains Jacket, Dress, pre 1812.
Napoleonic british captains uniform

Please enter chest and waist measurement.:
Please enter hieght and under arm to wrist length:
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Napoleonic/ Regency Naval Lieutenant tail coat
Napoleonic regency british naval lieutenants tail coat

neck, chest and waist measurements with tape measure:


Napoleonic/ Regency Briish Naval surgeons coats
British naval surgeons uniform

The same style of coat as that worn by Admiral nelsons surgeon William Beatty, at the battle of Trafalgar, as can be seen in portraits of that famous scene.


Napoleonic Regency British junior captains coats
napoleonic regency junior captains uniform


11th light dragoon costume

These uniforms are made from lovely fine quality wools and have a nice weight metal button on them. You get a Hussar style boot with a mock spur on (as this is of course a cavalry uniform) a silk and ribbon girdle with a white belt to approximate an ammo pouch belt, Regency style shirt and black stock, and grey trousers with a white stripe down the side. A very smart uniform.

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1812 Regulation British Naval full dress jacket
1812 british naval captain

Please enter chest measurement (using tape measure):
Waist measure (U T M):
Neck measure, height, and under arm to wrist measure:


Nelsons Trafalgar coat, Admirals undress coat.
Nelsons trafalgar coat

Neck and Chest measurement (using tape measure):
Waist measurement (using tape measure):
Hieght and nape to waist measurements (please contact us for any help re:measures:


Regency 1st life guards costume for Hire

These jackets are made from a lovely scarlet wool with dark navy wool piping cuffs and tail turnbacks Lined with cotton. They have metalic braid shoulder straps and 3 part gold braided button holes on collar and cuffs, in the hire comes Georgian style shirt, black stock, (at the moment) dark blue wool trousers with red stripe and sturups, and a red  silk girdle with yellow satin ribbon, boots included in hire if we have your size. Please contact us for more details will be adding to these with time for instance belts helmets etc but depends on demand as to when. White leatherwork has been added to this outfit.   

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Napoleonic 95th rifles jacket.
rifleman jacket


Barell sashes made to order, in your size and colour way preference.
barrel sash

Please enter waist size:
Please enter colour preference if different to that pictured:


Sword knot

These are beautiful sword knots, based on portraits etc of Brunswick black corps, but totally acceptable for lots of other regiments as well. Really good quality, and lovely looking pieces. 


Single gold bullion epaulette.
gold bullion epaulette


Pairs of gold bullion epaulettes
gold bullion epaulettes


Light Cavalry, Hussar waistcoats
Hussar waistcoat

This particular waistcoat is made from a scarlet cloth and the frogs, and embroidery etc, is all done by hand, as is usual with our hussar uniforms. Both pockets are functioning, and of good enough size to take money, pocket watch etc. This particular one was made to go with the 10th Hussar Dolman as pictured on this website, and thus the lining and back panel matches the lining of that particualr jacket, usually a plain colour would be used to match the colour of the wool. The design of embroidery etc is based on some modern illustrations I have interpreting items worn by British officers, and upon reference I have to an original Brunswick Lieb-Batallion waistcoat.   

Cloth colour:
Braid and button colour:


Napoleonic RN Midshipmans Coats
napoleonic midshipmans coat


Red Coats, an example, 1812 west India regiment
red coat


Barrel sash top quality OR style wool worsted barrels etc
barell sash

These are fantastic quality items, in stock ready to go. These are so hard to get hold of, especially in this sort of quality, and price. These have crimson cords, passing through golden yellow wool worsted wrapped barrels and sliders. these have acorn ends. Please feel free to enquire with any more questions.


Royal Horse Artillery Dolman, Napoleonic/Regency.
RHA dolman


Royal Scots Greys mess uniform circa1900
Royal scots greys


Silver epaulettes per pair.